The Association

Enviroswiss is an association of environmentally interested students and is unique in its form.
On one hand, the annual event brings together like-minded students from all over Switzerland; on the other hand, the association has an annually changing organisation committee, which allows a new team of students to deal with the organization the event. In doing so, the students learn methodological competencies that they are not confronted with in normal student life and thus benefit for their future professional life. In addition, they deal intensively with the topic in the planning and implementation of the event in order to offer the participating students an informative, constructive, interesting and ultimately also sustainable event.
The participating students can devote a whole weekend to a topic that interests them and also get to know professionals who may be important for their future careers.
Both the participants and the organizing students have in-depth insight into a topic, which ultimately helps them to argue in society and make it aware of the problem.