Ehemalige Treffen

2021Ependes FRAlternative Landwirtschaft
2020Prêles BEUmweltauswirkungen der Digitalisierung
2019Därstetten BESustainable Travel
2018Vaumarcus NEZero-Waste
2017Rigi LUPermaculture – Let’s Close the Loop
2016Charmey FRUrban Agriculture
2015Prêles BECell Phones – From Raw Material to Recycling
2014Gänsbrunnen SOSpace Usage – Unlimited growth on limited space
2013Hischwil ZHFood today – you are what you eat
2012Mariastein SOWater castle Switzerland. How to continue?
2011Mannenbach-Salenstein TGWhat’s the taste of your energy mix?
2010Lausanne VDEnvironment and Economy – Incompatible?
2009Richterswil ZHEnvironmental protection – a luxury ?!
2008Torgon VSLabels – quality guaranteed?
2007Hischwil ZHMobility – where are we going?
2006Walkringen BERenewable energies: utopia or necessity?
2005Randa VSClimate change: risks to the environment and society
2004Emibois JUAgriculture, what future?
2003Braunwald GLCommunication and mediation in environmental issues
2002Grindelwald BESustainability in the tourism
2001Kandersteg BEWater – the blue gold
2000Mont-Soleil BEEnergies and environment