Past Editions

2019 Därstetten BE Sustainable Travel
2018 Vaumarcus NE Zero-Waste
2017 Rigi LU Permaculture – Let’s Close the Loop
2016 Charmey FR Urban Agriculture
2015 Prêles BE Cell Phones – From Raw Material to Recycling
2014 Gänsbrunnen SO Space Usage – Unlimited growth on limited space
2013 Hischwil ZH Food today – you are what you eat
2012 Mariastein SO Water castle Switzerland. How to continue?
2011 Mannenbach-Salenstein TG What’s the taste of your energy mix?
2010 Lausanne VD Environment and Economy – Incompatible?
2009 Richterswil ZH Environmental protection – a luxury ?!
2008 Torgon VS Labels – quality guaranteed?
2007 Hischwil ZH Mobility – where are we going?
2006 Walkringen BE Renewable energies: utopia or necessity?
2005 Randa VS Climate change: risks to the environment and society
2004 Emibois JU Agriculture, what future?
2003 Braunwald GL Communication and mediation in environmental issues
2002 Grindelwald BE Sustainability in the tourism
2001 Kandersteg BE Water – the blue gold
2000 Mont-Soleil BE Energies and environment